Goldwell, the international manufacturer of innovative hair products is celebrating an inspirational 75 years´ anniversary. Beloved by stylists and salon clients alike, Goldwell has always stayed true to the brand’s mission, galvanized upon its conception in 1948 – create incredible products that enable professionals to thrive and deliver next-level results.


75 years M landscape


With no cosmetics experience, Hans Erich Dotter, the founder of Goldwell, sought to create a brand that was dedicated and committed to stylists and their needs. Mr. Dotter quickly created a business plan and, that same year, procured factory space with the goal of creating a line of “Hairdresser Exclusive, Advanced, Performance with Care” products. Up to this day, Goldwell continues to be one of the most respected professional brands in the industry, boasting one of the most comprehensive color, condition and texture portfolios and unstoppable passion for hair.





 produk 1   The very first Goldwell product was launched later the same year, a breakthrough cold perm with a room temperature application process, which eliminated the need for cumbersome, burn-inducing heat styling.

Goldwell continued to grow and expand, creating an economical shampoo dispensing system in 1956 – the pump bottle. Moving into styling products that year as well, Goldwell was able to launch in the UK in 1958, setting up the brand for geographic expansion.


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Over the next few years, Goldwell expanded into numerous categories such as color with Topchic and revolutionary innovations like the first air foam perm application product, allowing the brand to lead the perm market in Germany.






In 1979, Goldwell expanded into North America, continuously pushing innovation and new technology. Ten years of growth later, in 1989, the iconic partnership of Goldwell and Kao Salon was born out of their shared values and professional salon expertise.

By 2001, Goldwell had already been pushing the boundaries of product technology for over fifty years, and were at the forefront of color products, having seen immense success from the creation of Colorance and the first dust-free bleach product, Oxycur Platin. With the creation of Elumen, Goldwell developed a groundbreaking color technology for stunningly color results.


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With continuous new product development and visionary technology, Goldwell continues to grow year over year, restaging the brand in 2014 under the slogan “hand in hand with the professional hairdresser" with the laser-focus on the sustainable value creation at the salon level.

This year the brand is celebrating a visionary 75 years - the diamond anniversary, which is the culmination of decades of industry-breaking innovation, leading-edge technology and relentless research and development and true, deep relationships between Goldwell and its stylists.

Over 75 years, Goldwell has proven time and time again that it is the brand of choice for stylists, who in turn trust Goldwell to get the results they need. Goldwell is pleased to work with hundreds of globally known artists and true hair gurus, like Angelo Seminara, one of the most globally celebrated hairstylists or Mario Krankl who has been with Goldwell for over 30 years and continues to be a valued partner.  These Goldwell partners are inspiring thousands of hairdressers around the world with their timeless creativity and visionary hair color and style.


With the incredible support of salon stylists and their clients, Goldwell has flourished for decades and the future is bright.






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